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Planning to have vasectomy? Here’s what you need to know

These days, vasectomy is something that couples want to explore for their choice of contraception. Vasectomy is an outpatient procedure in a doctor’s office. If you live in Carina, you may find reliable Carina GP to educate you about the entire process.

Even though vasectomy is an outpatient procedure, you still need to prepare for the surgery. It will also help if you consult a knowledgeable specialist with this operation. Therefore, pick a vasectomy clinic Brisbane clients recommend. This way, you can ensure that a certified professional will do the procedure.

Meanwhile, here are the things you should do prior to the surgery:

  1. Sign a contract form. A few days before the surgery schedule, your doctor will ask you to sign the form as a way of granting them permission to perform the procedure. The form also has a disclaimer that vasectomy will not guarantee sterilisation.
  2. Take note of the prohibited meds. Avoid aspirin, ibuprofen, or naproxen at least two weeks prior to the procedure. These medicines might cause intense bleeding after the surgery. In addition, you should also inform your Carina GP if you are taking any supplements, medicines or even herbal remedies.
  3. If you’ve had any scrotal surgery done in the past, you should also inform your doctor.
  4. It is best to shower and clean your scrotum on the day of the surgery. Your doctor may also ask you to shave your scrotum.
  5. Whether you are going into a vasectomy Brisbane clinic or hospital, make sure to bring a jock strap or athletic supporter. You can also use a pair of snug cotton briefs on the day of the procedure.
  6. Eat no more than a light snack before the procedure.
  7. Make sure a friend or an adult family member will drive you home after the procedure.

What happens during vasectomy incision

Once you are ready and prepped by your GP for a vasectomy, the doctor will make one or two cuts in the skin of your scrotum. The vas deferens or the tubes that carry sperm are blocked off once these cuts are made. The doctor will then tie the tubes, block with surgical lips or completely close them with electrical current. This is also called as cauterizing. The whole procedure may take up to 20 minutes before the doctor stitches the cuts. Check it out at Carina Medical

How will you feel after your vasectomy

After your vasectomy, you can go home and rest. Ask an adult family member or a close friend take you home. It is normal to feel discomfort or pain after the surgery but it should not be terrible. You can also expect some bruising or swelling for a few days. That’s why wearing snug underwear is advised, so your testicles won’t move too much. To relieve pain or discomfort, you can take over-the-counter pain medication. You can also apply ice on your genitals to ease the pain.

Avoid any hard physical work or exercise for a week and don’t forget to call your Carina GP if you experience any of the following:

  • Blood or pus coming from where the incision was made
  • If you notice any swelling in your scrotum or testicle area.
  • If you feel lots of pain at the site of incision

These above-mentioned signs could mean an infection is underway and your doctor should prescribe antibiotics.

You have to remember though, that vasectomy won’t prevent pregnancy right away. You can wait for about three months after your vasectomy for your semen to be completely sperm-free. Anyway, your doctor will perform some tests to check if the vasectomy is working as birth control.

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