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YK Arthouse: A Homey Paradise in Phnom Penh

The major challenge for many individuals when they are stayin in a hotel in Phnom Penh city is the atmosphere. Many individuals simply do not feel practical enough because of that detail.

Often, when you book a hotel to have some lounging after an exciting and exhausting walk or a local journey, you intend to relax like you are only at home. A specific hotel in Phnom Penh Cambodia is designed for these kinds of tourists and their needs. Whenever you visit this unusual but spectacular country, you can book at this Phnom Penh Hotel called the YK Arthouse hotel.

What YK Arthouse Hotel offers

The hotel has ten double rooms and three house units. While the double bedrooms look even more like the usual hotel rooms, the flat units offer the visitors with an actual family ambience. Every one of them is equipped with kitchen area facilities.

Therefore, in case you want the meals you are always cooking or you simply enjoy do-it-yourself food items, you can whip up your dishes there. Furthermore, the kitchen area centres provide visitors with that comfy home ambience that some tourists need so much.

This is perfect for family guests, musicians, business owners, as well as the typical tourists who are tired of the common hotel setting. On top of that, this setup assists you to feel like at home whenever you are.

Where to discover YK Arthouse Hotel?

The YK Arthouse hotel in Phnom Penh Cambodia lies in the actual heart of the area, close to Riverside and St 308.

Just in case you do not recognize: St 308 is an area of restaurants, taverns, along with lots of helpful, as well as fascinating regional businesses for vacationers. It is also close to Sangkat Tonle Bassac, the site where most startup companies that deal with growth projects lie.

Assuming that you are planning to see that part, the YK Arthouse hotel in Phnom Penh Cambodia is the perfect place to which you can go.

How to book at this Phnom Penh Hotel

You can schedule the holiday accommodation directly in the by choosing an option “Book” for as little as 25 USD per night. That is a remarkable cost for a lovely hotel of such category, isn’t it?

In addition, every time you book a room or unit at this hotel, you can sustain many regional charities like those that help in the rehabilitation as well as the assistance of kids with disabilities.

There are vacationers who choose to do every little thing on their own: go to go to regional destinations, obtain visas if needed, look for transport and so on. Nonetheless, if you intend to go on a getaway where whatever is provided for you, the resort professionals will certainly arrange it as well.

Together with lodging, this vacation boutique hotel Phnom Penh has right now can offer:

  • Exclusive or by-group city trips
  • Visa assistance
  • Bus reservations
  • Car leasings
  • Special occasions organization

Why book at this Phnom Penh Hotel, especially?

There is one point that is extremely special to this centre, particularly if you are an artist. The hotel offers a straightforward holiday accommodation choice, half-board, and a place where you can operate assuming that you are an artist and want to start a project or job in Cambodia, Phnom Penh.

For that reason, when you book at, you can find an alternative that you are trying to find. You will certainly experience the richest local culture and a cozy residence environment in one.

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